Welcome to the Friends of the Bluebirds website.

Friends of the Bluebirds was formed in 1975 following the death of John Lane. Together, this ever expanding dedicated group of volunteers continue the work of providing habitat. These multitudes of nesting boxes, called Bluebird Lines, are found all over southern Manitoba. These boxes provide seasonal homes to both the Mountain and Eastern Bluebird as well as the Tree Swallow.

The Friends of the Bluebirds are dedicated to carrying on the work of John and Nora Lane. John and Nora who, together with a group of children and parents, the Brandon Junior Birders, stopped the decline of the Bluebirds in Manitoba in the early 1960s.

Next Meeting

Friends of the Bluebirds – Spring 2018 Meeting
Sunday, April 22, 2018 @ 2pm